Junior Board

Our Junior Board is a wonderful way to make a tangible difference at Oasis and in our community. Junior Board members are between the ages of 21 – 39 and have a passionate interest in helping improve the lives of others.


Callan Sherrod Cece Freeman
President VP Operations & ArtCard Co-Chair
Tonja Hollis Mary Wallace Hannon
VP Sponsorship ArtCard Co-Chair
Lynn Lowe Sarah Elizabeth Godwin
VP Marketing VP Membership
Emma Grice


Taylor Babington Brandi Rudolph Bolling
Sarah Bryan Anna Davis
Marigrace Davis Maggie Elliott
Breah Tucker Grant Alex Herringdon
Sharidan Hollis Pamela Blunt Leonard
Wiletta McGhee Julie Miller
Eliza Parrott Amanda Robinson
Austin Smith Carolyn Williams

Why I serve on the Oasis Junior Board…

“My father passed away unexpectedly. His loss was devastating, and dealing with the realities was difficult. If not for an organization similar to Oasis, I would not have received the support I needed.”
“I hope to dismantle the barriers that prevent individuals from taking advantage of available mental health services.”
“Oasis is an amazingly unique organization that helps women, children, and families overcome and survive the tragedies in their lives. I am honored to serve my community in this capacity.”


Our Mission

Oasis helps women and children heal, grow and overcome difficult life circumstances by providing affordable mental health counseling and innovative educational programs in a respectful and nurturing environment.

Who’s Taking Care Of You?